We at KEDA College aspire to become the leading Institute of Skills in producing the nation’s skilled workforce. We therefore promise:

  1. Will provide and operate high quality skills training programs in line with national requirements and technological developments in accordance with the NOSS issued by JPK.
  2. Will run the student recruitment process in a timely manner:
    • Advertise student enrollment application information within three months of the recruitment process
    • Will ensure that all student recruitment processes are completed within two months from the date the ad closes.
    • Will ensure that student response to KEDA College is given within thirty days from the interview date.
    • Ensure feedback of short-term course participants is informed within two weeks before course completion.
  3. To ensure that students are given training within the prescribed time of the JPK:
    • Stage 1: 6 months
    • Stage 2: 6 months
    • Level 3: 6 months
  4. Provide qualified, competent, committed, skilled and recognized teaching staff.
  5. To ensure that the best service provided to the students involves the welfare, health and safety of KEDA College students.
  6. Will respond to all inquiries and complaints within seven business days.

In fulfilling the responsibility of being a trustee of KEDA College, our efficient, time and integrity service is our responsibility.